Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flo Restaurant on Chicago (Brunch Menu)

After hearing about Flo's excellent brunch menu for the past few years from a respectable food friend, I had to finally stop driving past it to see what I personally thought. When walking in you get a sense that there is some care from the ownership/management about it's ambience: the music, art, light, customer satisfaction (their chatter) and general scent of the place. To put it simply: Flo is decent. It was pretty much what I expected: medium to low priced semi-comfort food in a relatively pleasant environment. Sort of what Bite restaurant was before it's recently revised somewhat uppity brunch menu. FYI-- I'll take the sloppy Eggs Florentine with crispy swine and home fries over a newer, "cleaner" version with it's hockey puck of a hash brown. But hey, may be that was a survival tactic on their part....Any Ways
If we are doing brunch we need bloody Mary's! Again, to be quite honest, these are very ordinary. Three two choose from: one spicier than the other?? Who cares about the subtlety!! Give me a good assortment of groceries (olives, cheese, salami, etc) jammed into the damn 12 oz's! Or at least when I ask, pull some shit out of the fridge and charge extra. Don't stand their like a confused dog that just been shown a card trick. 
 On to the food....
The Challah French Toast was alright. That I believed they called a Brazilian or something? An assortment of Strawberry's, raspberries and Blueberries were set up top an egg battered bread mound of goodness; covered with a Vanilla syrup. I had them add a Banana out of fear of a diabetic convulsion. OK, not bad. 
 The slathered breakfast burrito was nice. The usual: eggs, cheese, black beans, sour cream (that we added) and hot ranchero sauce. The potatoes could have been cooked a bit more. Just the slightest bit chewy but seasoned well so that there was some harmony to the spicy flavor of the burrito. 
 Again, I think most of the items off the menu are for all intents and purposes bordering on comfort food. Nothing more, nothing less. Should and could a breakfast burrito be made or cater to a high end dining crowd? The food itself was created out of ingredients to fill one's gut quickly and cheaply. With that, and whatever else I may have given you, give Flo a shot. Just know that you will be eating the quality of a c to c +... and there is nothing wrong with that. I have and loved eating far worse. ;) Catch ya next time, JCB



  1. forgot to mention how awesome your dining partner was....

  2. Yeah, she kicked ass! Well besides me saving the day with paying for the meal, driving around, letting you use up my cell phone minutes,...hmmm what else? just kidding! Love youuuu, JCB

  3. Oh yeah, my Sister Karen was dining with me.

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    1. take it easy, man. When I have time Ill post it. You ready for some tacos tomorrow or what?