Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gibson's Steakhouse

I have to say for the years I have been going to Gibson's Steakhouse on Rush Street I have enjoyed it. It was probably the third steak joint that had been to in the "Viagra Triangle" District of Chicago. Why Viagra Triangle? It becomes pretty obvious the moment you step foot into the district of this concrete jungle. Middle to Older men pull up in their over-priced European automobiles, throw money around and try to charm their way into the pants of women of all ages. It's fun to watch. Hell, a few times I have found myself driving some woman's white Mercedes sports car to her home in River North. Hey, who hasn't, right?? Well, I'm not sure my dinner, bar tab was as expensive as those gentlemens, but I digress...Any ways, lets talk about the food, because that's why you checked out this blog.
Well, let's face it, a mark of a good steak joint is their martinis. Mine always needs to be shaken with the a nice layer of ice on the top with a string of blue Cheese olives ready to be consumed after a stiff gulp  of an icy, yet simple Grey Goose. Hold by the stem because the conical of the glass must be cold. Check!!
 Two, what is their seafood selection? DO they have a nice sampler platter  with seared tuna, large jumbo shrimp or prawns. Maybe a nice lobster tale?? Maybe I'll even do a line of Wasabi just to awaken my senses?! Ok, I like this!  
 Well, for this evening, I was keeping it simple: Grey Goose martinis for my guest and I and some Filet Mignon mini-sliders with some subtly fried freedom fries. If that wasn't enough, perhaps a side of blue cheese to dip the fries in. OK, I like it! Gibson's has really good steaks, good service. Would I say the best, no, I personally like Morton's on Rush, Tavern on Rush. But they serve a purpose of representing moderately priced somewhat pricey Chicago Steakhouses. To me the older "established" steak houses such as Eire Cafe as well as Gene and Georgettis barely hang in there with their quality. And their sides could have been taken from a Hungry Man or Swansons microwaveable container .


  1. more that half of your review is about your problem or jealousy with old men picking up girls and then you are telling us that you belong to the same club, telling us how you "prefer" your Martinis and how other restaurant are better for your taste doesn't tell us anything about Gibson's Steakhouse. eating french "freedom" fries and mini slider is no a complete review of a restaurant, by the way if you run out of blue cheese dip, just ask for more, I'm sure they have more and be glad to get it.

  2. Hey Albert, great to hear from ya! Appreciate your voice because you have been dining out at various eateries for more years than I have. Awesome! I agree I have to get more to the meal. With time I think Ill be able to balance the stories and food better. Nope, no jealousy, just an observation of the give and take on Rush Street that I have seen. Also some of my adventures I have taken part in. Its purely for entertainment purposes only ha ha ;))
    P.S. lets get some tacos soon! I showed up two weeks ago to 5 star super late (9pm), but didn't see you. I had a drink and went home. Talk Soon, JB