Friday, April 6, 2012

Tank Noodle Photos 4-5-2012


  1. Tank Noodle is probably one of the busiest Asian restaurants on the far North side of Chicago. You walk in to the place, you figure the rest of the neighborhood is hopping like some crazed Asian market. Well that is definitely not the case. The variety of Vietnamese dishes is fairly ridiculous! I believe there are some 158 dish options to choose from...
    I was told by one of the my good friends to get the Pho. Did I listen, of course not! I have no problem with ingratiating myself with the food that my fellow diners order. Isn't that what dining is about any ways?? We go out to share, and see what muultiple options there are to explore on the menu.
    Any who....Spring rolls we ordered were I don't know spring rolls. Clean, simple with the plum sauce. have to throw some sarracha on there to kick it up a little. Nice!
    As an entree, as usual, I I order the Vermicelli noodles with pork, shrimp, marinated beef, imperial pork roll, with some greens (for dietary reasons :))...I really thought it was solid. It was up there with Tu Lan in San Francisco. good good. One complaint would be the shrimp. Your basic variety. whatever. Overall the entrree is worth ordering again.
    The green tea bubble drink I had was excellent. ALways love these.
    My fellow diners Jason and Jeff ordered the Beef Pho and Duck leg respectively. Great complex broth due to the spices and vegetables that stewed in each of these. Next time I will be ordering one of these.
    And there is definitely enough for leftovers.
    Great social scene, pretty clean, excellent waiting staff and it's BYOB. Do it!

    1. The above text is my review. Sorry I wanted to keep all of the images together on one page.
      Thanks, Jerome Bryerton